Lux CS 

superior battery tech


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as low as $55 /month with

600w of power 

180wh battery

Ultra-flex battery pack

80mm 78A Wheels

Product Description:

The board designed to dominate your adventure or commute is here. The CS is an easy to ride electric longboard with revolutionary technology behind it. The board has a flexible battery pack that allows for a smoother ride. Using the same battery technology that powers Tesla's cars, the CS is the ride you deserve. With a re-coded program that makes the transition between accelerating and braking so smooth it will go almost unnoticed. The new motor design places the motors inside the wheels, eliminating almost all user maintenance and making the board whisper quiet. 

Product specs:

  • Dual Hub Motor Design

  • Eco and Ludicrous Riding Modes

  • Reverse Capabilities

  • 300 watts of power in each motor, 600 watts total

  • 13 lbs

  • 36 Inch Canadian Maple Deck

  • 80 mm wheels with 77aa

  • 20% Hill Climb

  • No belt drag and no belt maintenance


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