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Pre-orders allow you to reserve specially marked products that are not yet delivered to our warehouse or have not yet finished the manufacturing process. for our products that go into  Pre-orders, we will disclose an estimated shipping date that are subject to change. Don't Worry, our main goal is to get your product to you as fast as possible! 


Thanks for looking at the next batch sale update! It looks like the boards are on the right track to arrive within 8 weeks of your order date!


All the boards are right on track to arrive in March! They are currently 75% manufactured! We are just waiting on some key components that are being made overseas!


We got confirmation last night that the our components will be finished manufacturing at the end of Februrary! Once it is shipped, it should take 20-25 days to sea ship and then a day or two for us to finish our manufacturing process and packaging! This puts our estimated delivery at the end of March.


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