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1. Pay At your own pace

When you buy with Affirm, you always know exactly what you’ll owe and when you’ll be done paying. There are no hidden fees—not even late fees.

2. What You See is What you Pay

When you buy with Affirm, there are no hidden fees. Instead, you get a simple, easy, transparent way to shop. Because when it comes to paying for your favorite things, there should be no surprises.

How TO Get Financed:

Step 1:

Add your board to the cart and go to checkout. Fill out step 1 (Shipping Details) and step 2 (Delivery Method). When you come to step 3, click the Affirm payment method and you will be redirected to Affirm.

Step 5:

Check that you've read the term and conditions and click CONFIRM LOAN. After confirming the loan, you will return to luxlongboards.com, where you will see a confirmation number that verifies their transaction. You will also receive an email and SMS confirmation from Affirm.

Step 2:

Enter the correct information requested.

Step 3:

Enter a verification code that is sent to the number provided.

Step 4:

Pick a payment plan that suits you! (don't worry, the price of the plan is cheaper than this example!) The interest percentage also ranges!

After Following These Steps