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The Lux LT

How to ride your
Lux Longboard!

This tutorial will take you through the basics of operating and riding The Lux LT electric longboard! 

Optimize your ride with the remote features!

The lux LT Remote has many settings to optimize your ride! From adjustable breaking to adjustable acceleration, this video will walk you through the basics of the remote! 

How to pair your Lux LT Remote! 

Did you get a new remote? Or for some reason your remote disconnect? This video will walk you through the basics of connecting your lux LT remote!

How to change your Lux LT wheels! 

Did you get new wheels for your Lux Lt? this takes you through the basics steps of changing your wheels!

How to get the best performance out of your board battery

DO you want to get the best range out of your board? Do you want to optimize the battery health? This will walk you through the best optimization of your battery.

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