How does it work?

When you receive the board it is recommended that you charge it to a full battery before riding. You can see the battery life of the board shown on the remote by the 3 lights on the lower half. Then you must turn on the board using the power button on the bottom. You will hear it beep to notify you it is ready to ride. Be sure to take the board to an open are and begin riding on a flat hard surface. Be sure the remote is in eco mode with a green light at the top (sport mode is red). Get your balance on the board with your dominant foot in the front (same as you would on a traditional board or scooter). Once you feel stable slowly push the blue lever on the top of the remote in the forward direction.

How do you brake?

To break you simply pull back on the lever on the top of the remote. If you are having problems with the breaks on your board please contact us and we will be able to further assist you.

How fast does it go?

The college cruiser has a top speed of 22 miles per hour. The perfect speed to ensure you are never late to class!

Is it hard to ride?

Most new riders say that the electric board is easier to ride than a traditional board. You will have to try it out yourself and let us know!

Does the board reverse?

Yes it does! There is a small switch with arrows on the bottom corner of the remote, simply switch that and the board will go in the opposite direction when you use the remote the same way you normally do

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