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Special edition electric longboard

Ultra light Ultra thin


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"So Futuristic"

-Nathan Apodaca 

Nathan was inspired by the technology,  engineering, and quality of a Lux longboard! That's what inspired the collaboration! Lux is proud to bring the smoothest ride on the street. With its sleek design, it turns heads and now you can vibe with a limited edition Doggface board!


paper thin.

The doggface electric longboard is so

thin that its almost unbelievable that its electric. The ultra flexible battery is integrated into the deck, creating a sleek and sexy board. Did we mention, its super portable. Hundreds of Lux riders love the sleek design. 

steady vibing graphic.png

Steady vibin Redefined 

Ultra Light 

a total weight of 13.67lbs it is easy to transport the board in any scenario.  

Ultra thin

A width of .59" makes the LT the thinnest electric longboard in the industry.


25 degree hill climb

the massive hill climb capability

allows for you to enjoy travelling more places.

22 mph top speed

Adventure should never be hindered by slow speeds. so we bumped up the power a notch for your enjoyment.

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760 watts of power

Dual hub motors extend an amazing 760watts of power. adjustable acceleration lets you control the extreme power. 

battery icon.png

lithium battery

Range built for prolonged adventures. The 3.5ah lithium battery is designed for extreme performance. 


Regenerative Braking

When braking, the motors are designed to recharge the battery. 

Ultra flexy 

the 10 ply deck is designed to absorb vibrations at any speed. This allows you to surf the streets flawlessly.

wheel i.png

90mm Wheels

optimized for smoothness and safety, the larger wheels glide over cracks and crevices. It also allows for a smoother ride than the traditional 80mm tires.