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Popular FAQ's

  • What is the maximum rider weight allowed for a Lux Longboard?
    The suggested limit for all Lux Longboards is 250lbs. The more weight that is on the board puts strain on different components, such as the deck. The range and speed may be effected with a heavier rider.
  • Are the boards waterproof?
    All Lux Longboards are water resistant! If you happen to take the board through a shallow puddle, or get it a little wet, it should be fine. All the motors and most of the internal components are sealed! We do however suggest keeping the board out of the rain and not ride while the ground is saturated with water. If it is submerged in water, it can potentially hurt the internal components.
  • Can I still ride the board if the battery dies?
    Yes! The board has very little resistance if the battery dies. It can used like a normal longboard without any power.
  • How long does the battery last?
    When in use, the battery lasts 7-12 miles depending on a few factors, such as riders weight and the terrain that it is riden on. The charge cycle of the board is rated for over 1,000 charges. This means if you charge it once a day, you can get several years on one battery. If for some reason it needs to be changed, Lux can do battery repalcements in house! Just reach out to
  • Is it hard to ride an electic longboard?
    It is way easier and safer to ride an electric longboard compared to traditional longboards. On an electric longboard your feet are planted at all times so minimum balance is needed to ride the board. You also have full control of the board with your remote, so you can brake and accelerate. If the board hits a rock or a crack, it doesn’t stop (and you don’t fall) because of the constant propulsion system.
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