Our Story

In 2017, fueled by passion and creativity, CEO and Founder Weston Smith started LUX Longboards with the mission of changing the status quo of transportation in the United States. With a background in mechanical engineering and a passion for electric skateboarding, Weston and his team have provided high-quality boards at an affordable cost so all people can feel the rush to ride electric. From its humble dorm room beginnings, LUX has been evolving to bring fast, fun adventure to people around the world.

Our Mission

To bring fast, fun, adventurous transportation to everyone!

Meet The Team


Weston Smith

Founder and CEO of LUX Longboards, Weston is the mastermind behind the whole operation.

Mikayla MAys 

Mikayla is our Marketing Director here at Lux, letting you know all of the cool new things we are doing around here!


Ian gray

Ian is LUX Longboards’ Content Creation Director, from the photos to the videos, and everything in between.

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Angel Salazar

 From Google to Facebook, Angel is our digital ads expert.

Nathan Olsen

Lux Engineering is innovative and Nathan is a key piece in creating our amazing products!