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The electric longboard redefined

Lux created something more adventurous than the mundane, boring, and mind-numbing commute that you are currently stuck with. We want to create a commuting experience that is anticipated and looked forward to every day and Lux  electric longboards are built to deliver that experience!

superior Battery technology  

A unique aspect of our innovative electric longboards, is all our boards are designed with an ultra-flexible battery pack. 


Lux is proud to be an american company 

Lux prioritizes producing extraordinary products. We also pride ourselves on having the best service in the industry. With our light manufacturing space, we are able to closely monitor the quality of boards and also give unparalleled  customer service. We provide our phone number to confirm our commitment to excellent service! We want your adventure to never be hindered by cheap oversea  manufacturing.

6 Month Warranty 

Interest free financing  

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(928) 380-0317

Hours: 9am-5pm PST Mon-Fri

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